Can We Lose Weight By Skipping – 7 Proven Strategies 2024

Their is many steep i have discusses for weight loss , but today i am gone discussed about how  can we lose weight by skipping easily   . so if you are Searching man time ” how  can i  lose weight by skipping ” then your are in the right place .

Weight  loss is a challenged , but once you have achieved your best weight then it  is blessed . So previously i have e discussed  How to Lose Weight By Home Workout 

Hey There Hope you doing well , and are exited to explore a new understandable blog.

How To Do Jumping Rope Exercise to Lose Weight

How To Do Jumping Rope Exercise to Lose Weight

We will definitely talk about ” How to Lose Weight by Jumping Rope ” but lets understand what is a Jumping Rope .

Its Not  a Rocket Science . Have you ever seen any person who is jumping and jumping with a single rope , yeah that’s jumping rope  Or also know as Skipping Rope . See jumping Rope Or Skipping Rope  is a Underrated Exercise but i have seen its popularity is developed  in few years  . So if Wanted to lose weight by  aerobic exercises then skipping will be so helpful for you . Skipping is a full-body workout , which can  increases your heart rate, strengthens your lower body and improves coordination and cognitive function.

3500 Calories is equal to 1 Pound . and if we convert it into KG then we got 1 KG is Equals to 7700 calories, So lets Suppose if you wanted to lose 5 Kg in a mouth then of course need to calculate it first .

So 5 kg*7700 calories = 38580 (approx)   Check Hear

So if  you wanted to lose 5 KG in a mount then you need to Burn approx  1 KG weight in a single weak .  That means per weak 7700 calories.

Now its quite interesting to see that how can we burn 7700 calories in a single weak , but don’t i am still alive dear . Its not that too much hard thing that you are thinking right now .

So if your goal is lose weight around 5 KG in a single month then , You need to lose 1 Kg per weak  (7700 calories ) and in a day you need to lose 1100 calories .

That means we need to do something , for which we can lose easily 1100 calories in a day .


So in today blogs is weight loss tips

So today I am gone discuss how you can lose 5 KG  weight by skipping in a month , and how much effort you need to do for this goal ,

Its basically divided into 4 section ,

  • Problems
  • Equipment
  • Diet
  • How much Skipping need

How To Do Jumping Rope Exercise to Lose Weight

So lets starts ,


Basically 3 types of problem can be exist ,

First you cant do skipping in a right way ,

Second is  your weight is too much high ,

And Third  you have Zero experience In skipping or you don’t have any king of rope ,

these type of solution is very simple , If you don’t abler to do skipping then do starts with jumping jacks , or you have a skipping rope so starts with in a single handed skipping .

1- Equipment’s

– equipment for skipping is not so important what we need just a rope so don’t excuse you goal for just a  single rope finds your own term to do that .But still their is 3 most important things you  need That skipping rope , I know its funny but actually you need a skipping rope , so take a skipping rope which height Is  3 feet  longer then your high , as a example if your height is 5’8 feet then you need 8’8 feet rope .


Next equipment is important is shoes , ( go with amazon with you own comfort)  most of the people make a mistake to do this but actually if you wanted to lose weight by skipping then you must need a pair of shoes , Why because , most of the people have decide t o do skipping and may be they have an excessive weight so when they started skipping then they got injury in their body ,m so you don’t need to do that in the beginning otherwise your goal is become a goal . I hope you got that ,

Sports Bra

The final equipment is for the ladies only . so if you are a women and wanted to lose weight then you need a sports bra , ( go with amazon with you own comfort) because , I have seen many people who had face some chest problem after doing skipping , that’s why most of the women or girls don’t wanted to do skipping first , but don’t worry if you are wearing a best sports bra then its not gone be a problem for you .

2 –  Diet

Most important thing you need clear that if you don’t 1000 of exercise or workout and spending hours in gym to lose weight but don’t have a best healthy and perfect diet then your weight loss dreams will be unachievable and your time ad effort will be zero . so mind it first that you need a healthy diet for your best body weight .

Most of the people dm me in Instagram that what specific diet they need or they follow for their weight loss journey , see my best recommended is if your weight is more then you have then just go with Intermittent fasting  , which you need nothing to calculate , but if you cant follow this fasting to lose weight then whatever diet you are following now just go with that , just you must aware and keep your inner or deeper mid that you need dedicate to burn in  total of 500 calories in a day .

3 – How Much Skipping We Need To Do That To Weight Loss

See answer is simple that we must need to do skipping , which can burn our 500  calories in a day weather it may be 100 , 200 , 300 times, its up-to how much you can do that to burn 500 calories in a day .


Skipping for Beginners

As per MET There is 3 types of calculation

A – they who cant do skipping 100 times in a minute

You are very hard trying to cross the 100 but you cant do that or your body is not able to do these kind of pressure . So these met score we count 8.8

]And if you can do skipping 100-120 times  then your met score will be 11.8

And if you can do skipping  above 120 then your met score will be 12.3

Now lets calculation


Your Body weight  X  your Met Score X 3.5 ( Divided by 200 )

So whatever results you will have it well be your calories burn results in a minute .

I hope I am able to teach you .

Lets suppose if your weight is 98 kg and you cant do 100 skipping in a minute the your met score is 8.8 , now multiply into this with 3.5 and after divided into 200 then the results will be you calorie burn in a minute .

After all this calculation your results mt be 14.63 I ges, that means you have able to burn 15 calories so if you do 15 minuets skipping then you can lose 225 calories burn . but  your goal is do 500-600 calories in day so how can we do that , I know for beginner you cant do that , so if you are  a beginner  and you cant do skipping for in 15 minuets then don’t worry , nature will help you , when you doing skipping or something which is makes you sweaty then our body is losing water that have been starting by many times , so if your body is losing water heavily but not much calorie still your body weight will also can be lose.

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So these is all for “How To Do Jumping Rope Exercise to Lose Weight” if you like these please support me , and don’t forget to share this article ,

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